15 Best Things to Do in Homer Glen

Homer Glen, a new village east from Lockport that was founded in 2001, is home to approximately 25,000 people.

Homer Glen may be in the suburbs but there is still plenty of countryside around with rolling cornfields, many fruit and vegetable gardens, and even a few houses.

Many of these produce sellers sell delicious produce right at their doors.

Homer Glen is a relatively new community. Many of its subdivisions are connected by biking and walking trails.

The network was launched in 2011 and has continued to grow over a decade later.

The Spring Creek Greenway is a trail that follows Spring Creek through a series of Will County forest preserves to the south of Homer Glen. It’s a great place for a bike ride or a walk in the woods.

1. Heritage Park

Disc Golf

The Heritage Park, which covers 103 acres, is located next to the village hall.

The park was created in the late 2010s and has many amenities. Future phases are in the works.

Active Core is one such area. It features fitness equipment, tennis courts and pickleball courts as well as sand volleyball courts. There’s also a challenge course, nature-based play area, and sensory garden.

The park also features an 18-hole disc golf and multipurpose walking/biking trails. Heritage Park hosts community events all year, including Halloween activities, Christmas lights, and HomerFest in June.

2. Tampier Lake

Tampier Lake

A scenic lake in a Cook County forest preserve is located on Homer Glen’s northeast side.

From Homer Glen you can easily reach Tampier Lake Boating Centre. You can also rent a variety boats, including single or tandem kayaks, rowboats and canoes with electric motors.

Tampier Lake has 130 acres of fishable waters, including largemouth bass, crappiers, northern pike, channel catfish, and walleye.

The Sag Valley Trail runs along the preserve’s south side, before turning north to circle McGinty Slough.

3. Hadley Valley Forest Preserve

Hadley Valley Forest Preserve

The access point to this Will County forest preserve is located in the south end of Homer Glen.

The Hadley Valley Forest Preserve forms part of an award-winning network of preserves along the banks of Spring Creek that covers more than 2,000 acres.

Bruce Road is the starting point for a five-mile stretch of the Spring Creek Greenway Trail. Paved with crushed limestone, it’s ideal for snowshoeing, cross-country skiing, and bicycling in summer.

Hadley Valley is home to many habitats. These range from wetlands and forests to savannas and forests. There are more than 15,000 species recorded of mammals, birds and insects.

4. Bengtson Pumpkin Farm and Fall Fest

Bengtson’s Pumpkin Farm and Fall Fest

Bengtson Pumpkin Farm is the best of all the local farms that host a fall festival.

Mid-September is when everything kicks in. For six weeks, you’ll be heading over to the pumpkin patch, more attractions, and other autumnal activities.

You can try hayrides and pony rides, pig races or a rollercoaster. There’s also a haunted barn, multi-lane slide, and a variety of carnival rides.

One of the best parts of any farm is getting to know the animals. Bengtson’s Pumpkin Farm offers llamas and turkeys as well as chickens, rabbits, chickens, and adorable baby goats.

Comforting fall treats like sweet corn and apple cider donuts are available. There’s also BBQ, tacos and loaded sandwiches, as well as traditional favorites such as baked beans and pies, that are cooked over an open flame.

5. Konow’s Corn Maze

Corn Maze

A family fall fest is held at another farm in Homer Glen. It’s set in beautiful surroundings with rippling cornfields that are above head height for this time of the year.

There are not one but two corn mazes that you can solve. The first is for those who aren’t afraid to get lost. It has nearly 3.5 miles of twists, turns and turns.

At just under half a mile, the smaller maze is ideal for younger children. There are hayrides and a giant straw playground. You can also find a barrel train, two jumpy cushions, duck races, pony rides, and a grain train.

You can also find a petting area with domestic animals and a cafe that serves delicious treats such as funnel cake, pizza, hotdogs, and other sweets.

6. Puckerville Farms


This charming family-run farm is now in its third generation. Puckerville Farms began a small pumpkin stand in 1991. This has since evolved into many autumnal attractions.

There are still many options for choosing a pumpkin. However, there is also a playset, rides for children, and tractor-pulled Hayrides.

The farm is also known for its homemade honey, which is a pale amber shade with subtle flavors. Puckerville Farms is well-known for its fresh Fraser firs and hand-crafted wreaths.

7. Homer Glen Heroes Trail

The Homer Glen Heroes Trail was opened for the first time in 2011. It is dedicated to local heroes or people who have made positive contributions to the community.

The main section links two parks, Yangas Park & Culver Park. It winds through several subdivisions along the way. Goodings Grove has had an extension added in the past 10+ years. This is the site of the Homer Town Square Shopping Center.

We also wrote this article when Heatherwood Drive was being extended west to Heritage Park’s various amenities.

8. Homer Honey Farm


Homer Glen has a wide variety of fresh produce options. Homer Honey Farm is a local favorite that has been around for many years. You can follow their Facebook page to keep up-to-date with what’s available for picking.

The farm is proud of its honey and you can visit it from summer to fall for an ever-changing selection of fruits and vegetables.

The season usually begins with zucchini in June. After that, you have pickles, cucumbers, early peaches and eggplant.

You can arrange to visit the farm to pick up honey and brown eggs all year.

9. HomerFest

This four-day festival, which takes place in Heritage Park in June, is perhaps the most anticipated annual event at Homer Glen.

Homerfest has a carnival that runs for four days, packed with rides and games. Live music is provided in the Beer Tent every evening, and the Homer Township Annual Independence Day Parade, which runs north from 151st Street, is the main event.

You can find a wide range of food vendors at the event. Other highlights include fireworks and an aerial flight.

10. Market in Glen

Heritage Park also hosts Homer Glen’s biweekly farmers market. From mid-May through mid-September

It takes place every Thursday from 3 to 7 p.m. Nearly 40 vendors are represented at Market in Glen every week, most of them based in Homer Glen.

Freshly picked fruits and vegetables are just a small sample of the offerings, but there’s also lavender, artisanal espresso, natural honey and salsas. There’s also cupcakes and gourmet seasonings.

You can also enjoy freshly prepared food, such as Mexican street food, BBQ or soft pretzels.

11. Messenger Marsh

American Goldfinch

Another space is located upstream of Hadley Valley and is under the care of Will County Forest Preserve district. Messenger Marsh, which covers 620 acres, is a combination of a wetland and forest site along Spring Creek.

This site has been home to 110 bird species, as well as stunning wildflowers such white lettuce (in flower late summer), hispid sunflowers (late summer), and hairy beardtongue spring/early summer.

Follow a section of the Spring Creek Greenway from Messenger Marsh for approximately 3.5 miles. It is paved with crushed limestone.

12. T-Time Range and Family Fun Center

T-Time Range & Family Fun Center

T-Time Range & Family Fun Center, one of a number of businesses located on 159th St. (Illinois Route 7), is an affordable option for an half-hour of hitting baseballs or golf balls.

This spot is open 7 days a week, weather permitting. It has a driving range, batting cages, and a mini golf course.

The T-Time Range is a great value for money. It costs just $6 per bucket of golf balls, when we wrote this article. You can bring your own clubs, bats, and helmets. However, you can rent them for a small amount.

13. Erin Hills Park


Many people live in the area for many years and don’t realize that there is a beautiful park at Long Run Creek in the Erin hills subdivision.

Erin Hills Park, which is surrounded by peaceful, elegant residential streets, covers approximately 15 acres. It has picnic areas, a pavilion, a playground for children, and a trail that runs around the property.

The latter can be used to access a nature preserve that has a long, pond surrounded by grassland and woods. This park also has a practice green that allows golfers to fine-tune their short game.

14. Lockport

Lockport, Illinois

This town, located west of Homer Glen, was the headquarters of the construction of the Illinois and Michigan Canals in the 1830s and 1940s. It made it possible to ship goods from New Orleans to New York inland.

The Gaylord Building is one structure that dates back to the project. It houses an exhibit about the canal and Lincoln Landing is an outdoor museum with bronze medallions in paving.

You can also walk the canal trail to LaSalle and pass many historical points along the way.

The Old Joliet Prison is located just south of Lockport. It dates back to 1850s. This prison was used as a location for filming many Tv Shows, including Prison Break and The Blues Brothers.

15. Garden Patch Farms and Orchard

Garden Patch Farms and Orchard

Since Henry Hiller, the great-grandfather of current owners, bought the property in 1938, the Hiller family have worked the land.

Henry’s son, who took over the business in 1980s, planted rows upon rows of apple trees at the farm in 1997. These are the keys to the farm’s current success.

Garden Patch Farms, formerly a U-Pick farm has now opened a farm stand you can visit from spring to fall. The garden center opens at the beginning of each season and sells hanging baskets, trees, and vegetable plants.

As spring turns to summer, you can buy a wide range of fresh fruits and vegetables as well as farm-made honey.