15 Best Things to Do in Woodland

Woodland, a Yolo County city with 59,000 residents, is located in Yolo County. It is also located 15 miles from Sacramento.

Woodland is a large city, but it retains a small-town atmosphere. It is known for its beautiful weather and central location near many recreational areas.

Woodland is home many parks, museums and cultural attractions.

Woodland hosts many festivals and events throughout the year. These include the Yolo Brewfest and Woodland Honey Festivals, Yolo Brewfest and Woodland Tomato Festivals, the Woodland Tomato Festival, Crawfish and Catfish Festivals, and the One Love One Heart Reggae Festival.

Here are 15 things you should do in Woodland, California.

1. Learn Local History at Yolo County Historical Museum

Yolo County Historical Museum

Yolo County Historical Museum’s main purpose is to preserve, display and protect items of historical and cultural importance to Yolo County.

The museum is located in Gibson Home and features exhibits that highlight the lives of pioneers as well as notable events that have shaped the area over the years. The museum displays artifacts, photographs, and documents. You can also arrange tours.

The Yolo County Historical Society also has several other locations where artifacts and items are on display, such as The Barn Gallery and The Blacksmith Shop and Dairy.

2. Velocity Island Park offers cool activities

Velocity Island Park

Visitors of all ages can enjoy a variety of water activities at Velocity Park. The Aqua Park, which is considered to be the best water park in Northern California, has slides, trampolines and swings.

Stand-up paddleboarding and beach volleyball are just a few of the other activities you can take part in. There is also a beautiful sandy beach.

The Black Pearl Bar & Grill offers a variety of snacks, meals, and special pizzas.

3. Slaven Park: Kick back

Slaven Park

A Woodland green space is a great place to spend an afternoon. Slaven Park offers everything you need for your entire family.

You’ll find a lot of open space, including a playground and a barbecue area. There are also washrooms.

4. The Burger Saloon will satisfy your hunger


The Burger Saloon is the place to go if you love burgers. This casual eatery has more than 30 burgers to choose. It is the ideal place to grab lunch after a long day of exploration.

There are many burger options available, including the classic cheeseburger and bacon burger, as well as the saloon burger and four-alarm fireburger.

There are many options for vegetarians and vegans. You can also choose from specialty cocktails, craft beer, and many other beverages.

5. Live entertainment at the Woodland Opera House Theatre

Woodland Opera House Theatre

Woodland Opera House Theatre’s history includes several changes. It was rebuilt, burned down and then restored to its original condition in 1981.

It was once a popular spot for influential citizens. It’s now a premier entertainment venue that hosts a wide range of live shows throughout each year.

Each season features plays, concerts, and other cultural performances. There are many classes and workshops available.

6. The California Agriculture Museum offers information about farming

California Agriculture Museum

The California Agriculture Museum is a great attraction for all ages in Woodland. You can find out all you need to know about agriculture and farming in the region.

You will find many exhibits that showcase artifacts related to agriculture and farming in the area. There are also old barns, buses, and a blacksmith shop. The Heidrick Tractor collection is the most popular, featuring a wide range of antique tractors.

Even better, you’ll get to see how moonshine is made. You can either explore the museum or property on your own or take a guided tour.

7. Visit The Woodland Farmers’ market

Farmers Market

The Woodland Farmers Market is a top-rated farmers market in the area. Every week, they deliver fresh, local produce to customers.

You will find a friendly and lively atmosphere where you can browse products such as olive oil and jam, homemade baked goods and handcrafted soaps & lotions, tacos and other hot foods.

8. Visit Reiff’s Gas Station Museum

Reiff's Gas Station Museum

The Reiff’s Gas Station collection will appeal to anyone with an interest in memorabilia cars. These items were collected and displayed in Mark Reiff’s former home.

This museum’s most popular collection is the antique gasoline pumps. The exhibit also includes old signs from gas stations. You should also see a movie theater, a traditional diner, and a 1956 Chevy Tow Truck.

9. Blue Note Brewing Company offers local craft beer

Blue Note Brewing Company

Blue Note Brewing Company uses only the highest-quality ingredients to create delicious, thirst-quenching beers. They use 100% grains and real flavours. Each of the 12 beers on tap is handcrafted using a six barrel system.

The friendly staff will gladly take you on a tour of our brewery and show you how it is made.

You can taste some of their creations after your tour in the taproom. You can also try Chug A Lug Session IPA and 9 Lives flagship IPA.

10. Visit the Woodland Museum of Biblical Archaeology

Woodland Museum of Biblical Archaeology

The Woodland Museum of Biblical Archaeology is an amazing place to visit, no matter your religious beliefs.

The museum’s main purpose is to promote biblical teachings through the display of items that are relevant to the Bible and their authenticity. The museum has more than 300 exhibits. Anyone who is interested in learning more about this history can visit them.

You’ll discover important biblical events as you walk through the museum.

11. The California Raptor Center has Birds of Prey

Great Horned Owl

You can interact with many birds of prey at the California Raptor Center near Davis.

These beautiful birds, also known as raptors are the centre of attention. These birds are one of the 300 or so that are brought to the centre each year because they are ill or injured.

This centre’s main goal is to make these birds fit enough to be released into the wild. Over 60% of the birds are successfully released.

During your visit you will see the birds being taken care of and learn more about conservation efforts.

If you are interested in caring for these birds, there is hands-on training available.

12. Wild Wings Golf Club invites you to play a round of golf


Wild Wings Golf Club is one of the most popular and largest golf courses in the area. It is competitive, fun, and well-maintained.

This 9-hole par-36, award-winning course features many interesting features, including Bermuda fairways and 13 lakes.

You can also find snacks and drinks in the on-site shop.

13. The Artery: Take a look at local art works

The Artery

The Artery, a cooperative gallery for artists located in Davis, offers space for local artists to exhibit their work.

The gallery is open for the public and features a variety of local artworks including oil paintings, watercolours and sculptures.

14. Interactive Learning Experience at The Explorit Science Center

Explorit Science Center

Explorit Science Centre is an interactive facility that encourages children of all ages and ages to explore science and nature. It features fascinating exhibits.

The exhibits cover topics such as the planets, Comet HaleBopp, and the Galapagos Islands.

You can also take part in interactive activities for kids, such as games and quizzes.

15. Visit the Woodland Public Library and Rose Garden

Woodland Public Library and Rose Garden

The Woodland Public Library & Rose Garden is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. It has been in existence since the mid-1870s.

You are invited to walk the grounds and take in the beautiful architecture. There are many events throughout the year.