Experiencing Design with Real-Time Architectural Visualization

Architectural visualization, like any other art form has the ability to move your audience. This includes potential clients, future tenants, and design customers. They will interact with the design and make comments long before it is finalized. This gives them a sense that they are contributing to the overall design. It also gives you confidence that they really want the design.

How can clients really experience design? 3D architectural visualization is bringing interactive, immersive presentations to the design community. Real-time collaborative viewing is the simplest form of this new media. Clients and you can explore the design together in real time onscreen. The visuals are comparable to traditional renderers. These collaborations can take place in one room or in two. Remote viewers can be provided to your clients so that they can view the meeting in their own time.

It’s then possible to create a virtual reality experience using the same design. Virtual reality is a powerful tool to engage others and make them see the work you have created.

Courtesy of Epic Games

These and other types of projects will be discussed and explored at the Build Architecture event, which will take place on November 2, 2021 and will be hosted online by Epic Games.

Real-time rendering in Unreal Engine allows for many other types of real-time media. Unreal Engine allows you to instantly explore your 3D design by simply importing the 3D CAD file. Unreal Engine is now a powerful presentation tool for architectural visualization.

Courtesy of Zaha Hadid Architects

Real-time visualization is being used by companies like Zaha Hadid Architects and HOK to create immersive and interactive experiences. ZHA imports their projects into Unreal Engine and creates tools in real time for review and presentation. ZHA also created a real-time configurator to help customers design their vacation homes using preset options. ZHA will be presenting some of its real-time projects at Build: Architecture 2021, where they will demonstrate how real-time rendering can produce stunning imagery and engage clients.

Courtesy of Buildmedia

Buildmedia is taking digital twins development to the next level. Unreal Engine is able to import complex 3D models for smart cities and digital twins. It supports native files from Revit and 3ds Max. The importer optimizes your files as they are imported. Blueprint, Unreal Engine’s scripting system, allows you to create advanced functions and stream data that digital twins need. You can also set up a Blueprint script to combine the data for analysis later.

Courtesy of CENTRUS

Twinmotion is used by many studios such as HOK for real-time visualization. Twinmotion’s easy-to-use interface makes it a popular choice for people just starting in this field. A common workflow is to create projects in Twinmotion and then import them into Unreal Engine when you need more advanced tools.

Real-time visualization doesn’t have to be reserved for large teams. Many smaller studios use Twinmotion and Unreal Engine to impress clients and get jobs. These companies and others will be exhibiting the amazing imagery and interactive experiences they have created with real-time tools at the Build: Architecture 2021 event. You can also meet the presenters in the ‘Dev Lounges’ to ask about their projects and other real-time topics.