In an ideal world, it would be amazing to have the time, access and the budget to get all the healthy food that we need. But we understand that some people (including us) are super busy so it can be hard to factor in time to food prep every week. So we’ve listed some simple and convenient healthy food hacks that will ensure that you still get nutrient-rich foods into your diet.

1. Fast Food:

We always recommend fresh produce but frozen and canned fruits and veggies come in handy when you’re tight for time and need some healthy food on hand. You can simply pop an easy veggie stew on, add some veggie stock, canned corn, frozen mixed veggies and broccoli and you’re set for a nutrient-rich and wholesome meal.

2. Save for later:

If you have kids like ours who sometimes only eat a couple of bites of fruit or veggies then we always tell people to freeze all leftover fruits and veggies. You can add the fruit as a sweet topping for your warm porridge, or chuck them into to your baking for fruit muffins or a good fruit crumble. You can add the leftover veggies to hearty soups or stews for extra nutrients.

3. Roast in bulk:

If you like to be prepared for your full week’s food, you should roast a whole bunch of veggies together. Simply cut your veggies (always buy in season as they will be cheap), place them on a tray, drizzle with olive oil, season with salt and pepper and boom veggies are done. You can use them for salads, reheat as a side, blend up for soups and even add them into dips like hummus.

4. Protein packed:

If you want to fill out your meals, pack them with more protein and make them go further then it’s always handy to have legumes on hand. Things like chickpeas, beans and lentils are great to add to your meals and salads, they’re a good source of plant-based protein and the best thing is that they’re cheap.

5. Simple Smoothies:

When you want something fast and healthy for the whole family smoothies are the perfect way to get extra fruit and veggies into your day. We are loving the new range of Whaiora Smoothie blends because you don’t need to find time to prep all your fruits and veggies, all of the hard work is already done. Whaiora is a Maori owned brand and their blends are NZ made from fruits, vegetables, milk oats and honey. They are GMO-free, refined sugar-free and don’t have any artificial colours, flavours or preservatives. That’s what we like to hear – full disclosure food.

To make one, you simply add some chilled water, ice and a couple of scoops of your favourite Whaiora Smoothie Powder flavour, blend it up and just like that you have a nutrient rich drink on the go. If you want to get creative try adding, banana, mango, spinach or chia seeds. They have three yummy and versatile flavours available that include Berry, Gold and Green that are packed with both fruits and veggies for an extra boost of nutrients.