Instagram May Let Users Manually Rearrange Photos On Their Profile

Instagram is working on a feature that allows users to change the order of photos on their profile pages. An analysis of the code revealed that Instagram’s grid customization feature.

Alessandro Paluzzi, an app developer and reverse engineer specialist, discovered the feature. Paluzzi has also discovered other features in the app such as paid subscriptions and the possibility to upload photos directly from a desktop browser.

Paluzzi’s latest discovery was that Paluzzi could use the Profile Information page to “Edit Grid” to arrange photos in any order he wanted. This allowed Paluzzi to free the profile page from having to display photos and videos in chronological order, from the oldest to the most recent.

This feature could be a huge benefit to photographers who want visitors to see their best work, even if it is not what they have shared the most recently. Although it is exciting, not all the features Paluzzi discovers within the code are features that will be made available to the public. Some of them never make it past the beta testing phase. It is possible to see the feature in its current state, but that does not mean it will be forthcoming soon.

Engadget says that it wouldn’t be surprising for it to become a majorstay. However, Instagram has spent a lot of time working with businesses and shops, and a customizable homepage would be a great feature to help them market their products. Instagram stated that it will be focusing on video and shopping in 2022. Adjustments like a customizable profile would fit well into these goals.

Instagram has made many changes to its app over the past months, including the ability to block websites from embedding images as well as efforts to restore the chronological feed. Others have been made to counter the perception that Instagram is placing young users at risk. These include enhanced safety features and parental controls, and the fact that 60% don’t trust the company.