Mercedes EQXX travels 626 miles on single charge

After driving from Germany to France, the Mercedes Vision EQXX concept vehicle has proven it can travel 626 miles on a single battery.

Move Electric gave the EQXX the Best Use of Electricity Award last month. This was due to its innovative design and 100kWh battery. It is half the size and 30% lighter than the EQS unit.

The EQXX traveled 1008km (626 mi) in a single charge, proving its capability. It traveled from Sindelfingen, Germany, via the Swiss Alps, Northern Italy, and the Swiss Alps to Cassis, France.

End range anxiety has been alleviated by the 620-mile Mercedes-Benz Vision EXXXX.

It is also remarkable that the EQXXX had 15% left of its battery when it arrived in France. This would have allowed the car to travel an additional 140 km (87 miles).

The one-off concept averaged 8.7kWh per 100km over the course of the trip.

Mercedes sealed the charging socket to increase the effectiveness of the test and hired an independent expert to supervise the journey from Germany into France.

The test was conducted at normal road speeds. This included prolonged fast-lane cruising at 140 km/h (87 mph) on the German autobahn, and at the speed limit elsewhere.

The temperature at Sindelfigen was below 3 degrees when the car left. This highlights the remarkable figures achieved by EQXX on the route which saw it travel through four countries.

The Vision EQXXX was revealed at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas earlier this month. The test car was identical to the concept.

Aerodynamics played a major role in EQXX’s efficiency. The new EV achieved a drag coefficient just 0.17Cd – which is the lowest drag coefficient ever achieved by a road-legal Mercedes.

To maximize range, the low-slung supper slippery silhouette was created by Mercedes. They have removed the EQS grille and replaced it with a smoother front that features an LED light bar.

To improve aerodynamic efficiency, the A-pillars are positioned forward. At the rear, the car is 50mm wider. Performance is also enhanced by 20-inch bespoke wheels.

Software was also a key component of the EQXX’s development. The car features an efficiency assistant that provides information about energy flow, battery status, topography, and even the direction and intensity sun and wind.

Mercedes claims it has “unambiguously proven the real world potential of exceptional efficiency for electric cars”, and that its first trip to France was a “watershed moment”.

Markus Schafer, chief technology officer at Mercedes-Benz, stated, “With our successful roadtrip to the South of France we’ve shown efficiency is the new currency.”

“The EQXXX is the outcome of a comprehensive program that provides a blueprint to the future automotive engineering. Many of these innovative developments are already being implemented into production, with some of them in the next generation modular architecture for compact and medium Mercedes-Benz cars.