Nearly new buying guide: Audi E-tron

This is a great choice if you are looking for electric luxury in familiar surroundings.

The E-tron was promoted under the vague slogan “Electric has gone Audi”.

The brand has introduced more electric vehicles and has committed to eliminating combustion by 2033. Electric has become more common and we can approach used Etrons with a little more familiarity.

The entry-level version of the 50 Quattro is the 71kWh version. It packs 308bhp, can travel from 0 to 62 mph in 6.8sec, and can reach speeds up to 60 mph. Next up is the 55 Quattro 95kWh version, which packs 403bhp in 5.7sec from 0 to 62mph.

The E-tron S, or more precisely, the S Vorsprung Quattro95kWh, is next. This top-of-the-line model has 503bhp, a 4.5sec time between 0 and 62mph, making it one of the fastest.

The official range of the 50 Quattro is 198 miles, but you can get more mileage in real-world driving. The 55 Quattro can travel 254 miles with a full battery, while the E-tron S can go 223 miles.

Technik and Sport are the most economical in terms of trim. Technik comes standard with heated front seats, part leather upholstery, an electric folding mirror, and keyless go. It also has cruise control, keyless go and keyless start, keyless-go, cruise control, front- and rear parking sensors, and a rear-view cam.

S Line is the mid-range option. This model comes with a sporty bodykit and 21in alloys. It also has matrix LED headlights, extended leather, privacy glass, and adaptive sports air suspension.

The top-rung Vorsprung adds imposing 22in alloys and a 360deg parking cam, a panoramic sunroof and keyless entry. And… breathe.

The E-tron’s air suspension is a great choice for driving on roads. Comfort mode allows you to move effortlessly and can handle bumps and lumps well. Although the car is more than 2.5 tonnes, it handles well around bends and has the driver aboard. The car has a lot of grip thanks to its wide tyres, and the steering is accurate enough. Additionally, the suspension prevents the car from leaning into corners like an Italian tower.

It’s all luxurious and elegant inside. A 10.1in touchscreen works as part the infotainment systems 8.6in touchscreen climate control panel. The Virtual Cockpit, which Audi calls the 12.3in digital display, is also located behind the steering wheel. Both front and rear passenger space are excellent, as well as boot space.

Prices for used cars start at about PS46,000. This will buy you a 50/55 Quattro with an average mileage starting in 2019 or 2020. At this price, the trim will likely be Technik. You will need to spend around PS57,000 to get an S Line model. However, these cars will be very economical and will only have a low average mileage. The Vorsprung spec adds a significant price increase to approximately PS66,000. You can expect to pay up to PS76,000. For the E-tron S variant (which is often found in the sportier Sportback bodystyle), you will need to know.

Like conventionally powered Audi models, the E-tron comes with a three-year/60,000-mile warranty. The drive battery is covered separately for eight years, or 100,000 miles.

The E-tron is part a confusing and inconsistent naming structure. This is especially true considering that the Etron tag was previously on a plug in hybrid variant of A3 hatchback. The E-tron’s smaller SUV sibling, the Q4 Etron, is the E-tron GT. Sportback is also available for SUVs with sloped rooflines.

Audi stopped production of the Etron between February and May 2020. However, this was not due to the car but rather problems with the supply chain.

Electrics During its long-term stay with us, our E-tron experienced faults in its adaptive cruise control system and emergency call function. Some owners reported that their phone app was not connecting to their vehicle. Reports have come in of intermittently flashing warning lights for four-wheel-drive vehicles with limited stability. Also, malfunctioning warnings regarding the suspension, low tire pressure, lane departure assistance system, and distance warning lights were reported.

Interior and body: Some owners complained about the failing rear light bars and had to have it replaced with a new component. Others have complained of bubbling paint, water leakage, damp carpets in front footwells and other charging issues.

Recalls Water could get into some E-trons’ high-voltage batteries, leading to a short circuit or fire.

It is possible that nuts that do not meet Audi’s specifications were fitted to the rear-axle suspension link of several E-trons. The affected nuts can be replaced by a dealer at no cost.

Some E-trons may have an electromechanical brake system with manufacturing discrepancy.

Others may experience a loss in power and see the message “safely Stop Vehicle” The issue can be resolved by installing a software update to the electric drive system.

Our pick 55 Quattro

For the increase in range, we would go from the 50 Quattro up to the 55 Quattro: 198 to 254 mi. It’s also very reliable and the used prices are not too high.

Wild Card: E-Tron –

The S is your best choice if you want to increase your sporting appeal. It is extremely fast and looks great. But make sure you have the money to pay twice as much as someone who is looking to purchase an entry-level model.

Our top spec: Sport/Technik

We don’t think it is worth upgrading to the base level because it provides most of the luxuries that you will want, such as dual-zone climate control and LED headlights.