Peugeot e-308: EV hatchback to bring 250-mile range

Electric 308 estate and 308 hatch models will have a larger battery and a more powerful motor than the e-208.

Peugeot confirmed that the battery-electric versions of its 308 hatchback/SW estate will be more powerful and efficient than its existing e208 supermini and will have a longer range.

When it goes on sale next spring, the e-308 will be joined by pure-combustion as well as plug-in hybrid versions of the family hatchback. This completes the Peugeot 308 lineup.

The e-308’s motor, onboard charger, and heat pump are located under the bonnet, just like other EVs from the Peugeot range. The battery is located under the floor, mostly beneath the seats. However, the boot is the same size as that of the 308 plug in hybrid.

The e-308 will only be available with one powertrain option. It is front-wheel driven. The 400V battery has a 50kWh usable capacity and 54kWh gross. It produces 154 bhp and 199 lb ft. This is 20 bhp more that the e208 supermini. It weighs in at approximately 1600kg and is the same weight as the plug-in hybrid 308 308.

Although the battery is only 4kWh larger than that in the smaller e208, Peugeot claims the new NMC811 chemistry will improve the car’s efficiency. Agnes TessonFaget is the 308 brand manager. The e-308 would have a test range of almost 250 miles. You can charge it quickly at speeds up to 100kW.

Although the car is not yet on the market, Peugeot expects it to make up a significant portion of its 308 sales. Tesson-Faget stated that the plug-in accounts for more than 20% of our orders today and that the electric version will account for at least half of all future orders.

Linda Jackson, CEO of Peugeot, stated that the multi-powertrain strategy has made the company a “commercial success”. This means that cars can be powered by internal combusted or plug-in hybrid engines as well as fully electric versions.

Jackson stated that Peugeot was among the top three European sellers last year, and electric versions accounted for 20% of December 2021’s sales.

The e-308 will enter full production in July 2023 and be available for delivery shortly thereafter. The pricing will be revealed closer to the time.